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As the team of the best PhD research assistance in India, we have the clients pursuing PhD across the world under various domains. We have extended our horizons of knowledge over many areas likely PhD guidance in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and more. Our experts at HIGS and the entire team will express ideas, information, and feedback on your research ideas in an innovative way.

Thus, our team at HIGS as the best PhD research assistance team handles research guidance as well as research consultations, implementations in an effective way. Our team can also handle the writing of your thesis, research paper, review paper, and more.


Our Expertise



Our research experts will translate all your research ideas into a writing format with an error-free and most comfort style. Our writing style will be based on your university guidelines.



We ensure that we deliver your work with most perfection and with a pinch of innovation in your write ups. We make sure that we help you to deliver your ideas with much clarity.

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We edit your writing work with the aim of attaining 100% satisfaction from the clients. We edit it again and again to avoid any minor or major mistakes. Finally, at last we’ll deliver error-free work.



Again, here, we work with you on the basis of your reviews. Because reviews will be much helpful whenever you are struggling with your writing process. We always work based on your necessities.


Language Polishers

Our team of language polishers will work on your plagiarism and thus they ensure that there won’t be any copy pasted contents. And partially, we work on your grammar correction as well.



Our research assistance team will work on the implementation process as well. We are the great PhD team at Java, Python, Simulink, NS2 and more. Our team of programmers is well qualified and experienced in various implementation techniques.


Journal Selection

We have a team of PhD research consultants who can give you a strong list of journals in that they can explain you about the cons and pros of the journal and help you to select the same.


Journal Formatting

Here, at this point as the best PhD research assistance in India, we write up your journal paper on the basis of your journal guidelines. We work with experts to give you an error-free research paper work.


Journal Publication

HIGS as the best PhD assistance team in India, we ensure that we will adhere to a fast and easy way of the publication process. We work with much care to provide error-free research papers to avoid any last time of rejection.


Advisory Board

Our team of advisory board members can review your paper to check whether they have met all the quality measures of your research paper. And advise our team for any kind of corrections.

As the Top Notch PhD Research Assistance in India, What We Offer here?


University Registration

Our team of business coordinators and other technical persons can clearly aid you to the best university selection for your PhD program. And make sure that we will transparently help you with the cons and pros of your PhD research.


Topic Selection

Our team can stand with your for the selection of your research topic under various domains. Because we have much practice and experience in working with world-class projects under many well-reputed Universities.


Research Area

Our team can withstand with you to process your entire research. We understand your research problem and we provide you suitable solutions for your research. At last, we deliver you such a complete set of research work without any kind of errors.


Research Proposal Writing

We are teamed up with experienced and qualified faculties and they are well versed in writing your research paper without any errors. And we work with recent research strategies to deliver you such a novel paper work.

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Thesis Writing

Our team can form up your thesis based on all your university guidelines and your needs. Our thesis write-ups will be 100% error-free and we look over your plagiarism with much care. And also we take care of all your grammatical corrections as well.


Viva Process

Our team of research assistance will guide you for the viva process as well. Because we have dealt with multiple researches work and we ensure that we can cater to all your research work and finally guide you in viva process as well.

Our Excellency in Research Work and We Make The Best Promises!

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    Experienced Faculties

    Our team can work with your entire research work to meet the top quality level because we are highly experienced. Each and every member of HIGS is highly qualified with varied degrees.

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    Depth of Knowledge

    Our team can cater to all your research needs and developments by implementing all our research ideas on it because our team members are highly skilled and have a wide knowledge of various domains.

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    Deadline Achievers

    HIGS have a vast experience in working with even in very tight schedules. Thus, we make sure that we’ll deliver your work on-time and let you tell your committed time to us and we work on it.

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    All -time Availability

    Our team can always make sure that we are hard workers and available via online and calls all the time. We are a customer-friendly team to work with you all the time and we hear your ideas.


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  • Highly standardized and high-quality work
  • We bring inspiration and innovation
  • Highly confidential and secured data

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