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Hire the best PhD guidance from HIGS. We offer exclusive service for your PhD degree. Get help from PhD holding experts. HIGS PhD guidance helps clients across the globe to achieve their goals in research. HIGS is here to tell you that we are teamed up with highly talented and vigorously trained research consultants, a well-knowledged business coordinating team, well-talented research analyzers, a highly qualified language polishers team, and talented proofreaders, a well-experienced quality analyzers team. You can seek help from a well-experienced team. Get help now.

We provide an intellectual, passionate, highly collaborative research-related company. Our team makes sure of the quality, originality, and novelty. HIGS- the best PhD assistance in India provides end-to-end research assistance from the beginning stage of research to the end. We have a well-experienced team of 250+ domain specialists, 50+ language polishers, 25+ proofreaders, 50+ quality controllers, 50+ business coordinators, and more.

We have more than 200 specialists with 7+ years of practical knowledge. We will competently handle every stage of research, from the basic step of PhD admissions, choosing a topic, proposal writing, paper writing, publication, thesis writing, viva voce, and mentorship.

A note from HIGS...
  • Our Objective

    HIGS To motivate all master's degree candidates to pursue PhDs. We start the PhD dream.

  • Our Mission

    We promise to provide more original research. We'll work hard to produce research that meets international standards.

Put in your order, let us know what you need, and we'll take care of the rest! A dedicated subject matter expert from our team will be assigned to you, and we'll set up a complimentary technical talk session. We promise to fulfill your research objectives to your complete satisfaction. Ask all your queries with us in one click.


HIGS- As the best PhD guidance in India, HIGS offers endless research support from the beginning to the end. We make sure that each and every research work will give you 100% satisfaction. Here, we have listed several services that we offer frequently to our clients.

  • Help in the Initial stage
The initial stage of PhD is always risky. Because at this point you must select your correct university and correct research topic, and you must know about the entrance exam, fees, and course details.
So, at this point, you just need someone to help you. Here HIGS “The top PhD guidance in India” will help you. The initial stage of research assistance we provide is as follows,
  • University registration
  • Guide selection
  • Topic selection

To know more details about this, you can contact our coordinating team via chat, call, or mail.
  • Writing services
Writing a quality-filled document is never an easy task. It badly needs time, skill, effort, and knowledge to come up with an excellent result.
So, here, HIGS comes to you with highly talented writers who can provide high-grade documents to you. In this, we have mentioned the frequent writing services we provide to our clients. They include,
  • Research proposal writing
  • Review paper writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Thesis writing

To know more details about this, you can contact our coordinating team via chat, call, or mail.

  • Rewriting services
After the writing process, your document will be fulfilled with the help of good editing. Our top editors will handle formatting, university or journal guidelines, page and font size, margins, and more.
We also have a language polishing team to check your plagiarism percentage. We also rewrite or edit your content according to the plagiarism percentage.
  • Research paper Rewriting
  • Research proposal Rewriting
  • Review paper Rewriting
  • Thesis Rewriting
  • Plagiarism check

To know more details about this, you can contact our coordinating team via chat, call, or mail.
  • Publication help
The next step of writing & editing is the journal publication process. At this step, you need to select your appropriate journal carefully.
You must concentrate on various metrics before selecting the appropriate journal. Here, we help you with the following.
  • SCI journal publication
  • Scopus journal publication
  • IEEE journal publication
  • Elsevier journal publication
  • UGC journal publication
  • Annexure 1& 2 journal publication
  • Q1 journal publication
  • Q1 Journal revision

To know more details about this, you can contact our coordinating team via chat, call, or mail.
  • Help in the final stage:
Last but not least, the final stage of your PhD will decide your doctorate degree.
  • Viva process
  • Guideship

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Get real-time research assistance from the service! People who have almost given up on getting their research published can utilize our help. So, if you or someone you know is battling with failures, don't worry; HIGS can help. You can contact customer service at any time of day or night, and you won't get anything in return.


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We have a vast team of experts. We have experienced PhD writers, we can help you at any point in your research process. We conduct thorough studies as part of our workflow to ensure that we only retrieve correct and authentic information. By offering them the most affordable Ph.D. thesis writing assistance, we provide students the advantage. Although prices are being squeezed, quality remains unaffected and continues to be given top attention.

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HIGS will give you the best PhD thesis guidance for all the subject areas. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we make sure that your research contains the most advanced research solutions. With us, you will be getting advanced PhD research guidance for any research domain such as Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Arts, Science, Management, Law, Marketing, and more.

Until today, we have completed more than 1500 projects in Engineering, 1200+ projects in Technology-based projects, 1250+ projects in Science-based projects, 100+ mathematical research work, 100+ language-related papers, 150+ medicine-related projects, and more.




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In India, we serve a lot of PhD students. Our team works a lot to guide research experts. Our research team will give you subject-based research help for every domain across many Universities from various countries. We serve across the world such as in UAE, UK, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bahrain, and more. We offer extensive support across various countries from the beginning to the end of your research. Our team promises you that we provide a convenient timeframe for your technical discussion and demo sessions.

Across the globe, whatever service you choose from us will have top-notch quality and professionalism. Choose our service and have real-time, up-to-date, highly advanced research work across the globe.

Why do our clients choose HIGS?

phd-help Ourcommitment towards quality

: High-quality work always has the highest grades. We never miss the quality standards for any reason.


: We never miss out on the timing. We work hard to give your work on-time.

online-phd-in-indiaError-free work

: We always make sure to give you error-free work with top quality.

scholarship-in-phd-in-indiaSubject-oriented assistance

: We give research assistance for every domain & department you have engaged with.

Taking your PhD research to the next level

Our team of research mentors will stand with you in each and every term of research. We follow a simple and easy working process. They are,

  • 1. You can reach HIGS thru our website, phone calls, messages, and mail to express your need and interest in our work and service.
  • 2. You can provide the initial details about your project.
  • 3.We arrange a free technical consultation session to understand your research work even better.
  • 4. Based on the consultation session, we will give you the detailed work process, price quotes, and approximate deadlines to you.
  • 5. On the basis of the work, we will prepare a rough draft or a rough proposal for you. Once you review the proposal then we initiate the research work.
  • 6. Before that, you can initiate the payment methods through the secured payment gateways.
  • 7. We will start doing your main work. We will arrange live demo sessions. This can be done thru google meet, zoom, any desk, or thru any other methods.
  • 8. Next, it is the implementation phase such as in Matlab, Simulink, Java, NS2, Python, and more. If your work needs implementation then we assign the correct experts to you.
  • 9. We undergo the finalization and quality assurance process. We check whether it has fulfilled the requirements or not.
  • 10. Our team finally deliver your paper. You can access it through your preferred methods such as email, google docs, and more.
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  • When you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the chosen field.
  • When you don’t have enough knowledge about the language.
  • When you don’t have time to think and research about your chosen topic


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We have a team of experts who come from various countries and have a vast range of knowledge across so many areas. It means that we can help you no matter what your research consists of.
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Yes. we will. We have a separate team of experts to work on plagiarism percentage. We do a plagiarism check with the help of Turnitin software.
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