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HIGS is the one-stop solution for publishing your papers in Web of Science Journals. The Web of Science ecosystem poses inherent challenges to researchers. Our team of experts is well-versed in the specific requirements and stringent standards upheld by Web of Science journals. We provide the best journal publishing service to publish your research work in free or paid journals. Also, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs, ensuring that your research stands out and secures its rightful place among the world's most influential academic publications indexed by the Web of Science. Whether you aim to publish on a Web of Science site or in a journal Web of Science, HIGS provides the efficient support and expertise you need. Our services encompass precise manuscript rewriting, thorough proofreading, and meticulous formatting, aligning with the specific criteria set by Web of Science journals.


We provide invaluable assistance throughout the submission process, guiding you seamlessly through the intricacies of Web of Science Journal submission. Our team also offers detailed feedback on your work, along with strategic advice on enhancing its quality and aligning with the journal's requirements. With our dedicated support, you can be confident that your scholarly contributions will find a home in the most prestigious journals within the Web of Science framework.

You can also get the list of the Web of Science Journal list, web of Science master journal list, and Web of Science Journal List 2024 from HIGS. Our journal experts will help you find the Web of Science Journal index, the Web of Science Journal impact factor and the Web of Science Journal ranking. To know details of Web of Science search, web of science search author, clarivate web of science feel free to contact our team. We are happy to help and guide you throughout the research paper publication journey.

Web of Science (WoS) Publications Across Diverse Fields by HIGS

HIGS specializes in facilitating Web of Science publications across a wide array of domains, providing comprehensive support for scholars in various disciplines. Our expertise extends from science and technology to humanities and social sciences. With meticulous guidance and domain-specific insights, we empower researchers to navigate the intricacies of WoS, ensuring the impactful dissemination of their work in fields such as:

  • 01. Agriculture
  • 02. Astronomy
  • 03. Biochemistry
  • 04. Biology
  • 05. Chemistry
  • 06. Computer Science
  • 07. Economics
  • 08. Education
  • 09. Engineering
  • 10. Environmental Sciences
  • 11. Geosciences
  • 12. Immunology
  • 13. Materials Science
  • 14. Medicine
  • 15. Neuroscience
  • 16. Nursing
  • 17. Pharmacology
  • 18. Physics
  • 19. Plant Sciences
  • 20. Psychology
  • 21. Social Sciences
  • 22. Space Science
  • 23. Statistics
  • 24. Veterinary Science
  • 25. Zoology
  • 26. Anthropology
  • 27. Art and Humanities
  • 28. Biotechnology And more.
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1. Specialized Expertise

HIGS possesses a team of experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Web of Science ecosystem. Our professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of WoS journals, ensuring that your research aligns seamlessly with their specific requirements.


2. Personalized Guidance

At HIGS, we provide individualised support throughout the entire publication process. Our experts offer personalized guidance, addressing your specific needs and concerns to ensure a seamless and successful publication experience within the Web of Science framework.


3. Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality in every aspect of the publication process. Our meticulous editing, proofreading, and formatting services aim to enhance the overall quality of your manuscript, adhering to the high standards set by Web of Science journals.


4. Transparent Communication

We ensure that you can experience clear and transparent communication throughout your journey with HIGS. We keep you informed at every step, providing updates on the progress of your manuscript and promptly addressing any queries you may have.


5. Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timelines in academic publishing. HIGS is dedicated to delivering prompt and efficient services, ensuring your manuscript is prepared, reviewed, and submitted within the stipulated deadlines for Web of Science journals.


6. Proven Track Record

HIGS has a well-established history of guiding researchers successfully through the Web of Science publication process. Many of our clients have achieved publication in high-impact WoS journals, significantly contributing to their academic achievements.


7. Thorough Review Process

Our team conducts a meticulous review process to thoroughly assess your manuscript for potential issues or areas of improvement before submission. This proactive approach significantly enhances the likelihood of acceptance during the peer review process.


8. Data Security Commitment

At HIGS, we prioritise your research data's utmost security and confidentiality. Our processes are meticulously designed to adhere to the highest standards of data protection, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your valuable research.


9. Assisting with peer reviews

At HIGS, we specialize in aiding you to effectively address peer reviewer comments and suggestions. Our team is skilled in handling revisions, responding to reviewer feedback, and optimizing your manuscript to increase acceptance chances.

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Publish your paper in paid or free journals easily and quickly with HIGS. We provide complete and comprehensive support in publishing your papers in Web Of Science Journals whether in free or paid publication. You can trust us to publish your research successfully in your targeted journal or the most suited journal. We analyse the overall quality of your paper before publishing it to ensure that it meets the journal publication standards. If your paper meets the criteria, we step up the submission process directly. In cases where improvements are needed, we seek your approval to make necessary corrections and enhance the content's quality and standards before initiating the submission process.

Our dedicated team manages the peer review process, addresses journal corrections, and handles resubmissions. You will receive frequent updates about the status and progress of the publication. Upon submission, you'll receive an ID and password, providing you with access to monitor the status of your paper in the journal. Additionally, we guarantee successful journal publication, even if the research paper is authored or rewritten by our skilled HIGS team. Connect with

S.No Free WoS Jornal Publication Process Paid Annexure Free WoS Jornal Publication Process
1 We recommend 3 SCI journals tailored to your subject. We recommend a subject-based journal for you.
2 Receive your login details for easy monitoring of publication progress. Share your payment details with us.
3 Experience high transparency throughout the process. Receive login details for easy tracking of your submission process.
4 Journal revisions are handled by our journal editor. Revision processes are managed by our journal editors.
5 We resubmit your research paper as needed. We handle the resubmission process as needed.
6 In case of rejection from 3 journals, we submit to different journals. Expect journal acceptance within 60 to 90 days.
7 There is no fixed time for journal acceptance. Track your submission process for updates.
8 Free WoS Journal Publication Paid WoS Journal Publication

Web of Science publications cover a diverse spectrum, with approximately 45% focusing on the natural sciences, around 30% centring on humanities studies, and the remaining 25% dedicated to technical paper preparation. These works find placement in specialised databases within the Web of Science, such as the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI), covering fields like architecture, archaeology, art, history, literature, philosophy, and religion. The Science Citation Index Expanded supports technical, scientific, and medical journals, while the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) broadens the database with journals in social sciences and economics.


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Contact us at journal@higssoftware.com or call +916382814563 to explore how we can help you realize your publication objectives. We are committed to ensuring that your work will gain recognition and contribute to your field through Web of Science (WoS) journals. We provide expert guidance and support so your research can be published successfully and leave a lasting impression in WoS publications.

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We offer the best publication services customised to ensure your research work is published in the most suitable Web of Science journal within 60 to 90 days. Our dedicated team keeps you updated on the status of your publication and provides support for journal revisions.

List of Web of Science indexed Journals 2024
  • Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management – BJOPM
  • Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology
  • Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
  • Foods and Raw Materials
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International
  • Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Q4
  • Vidhya Bharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal
  • Cardiometry
  • Advances in Pharmacology and Pharmacy
  • Eurasian Chemical Communications – ECC
  • International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and Applications – Q4
  • Migration Letters – Quartile ranking: Q2 and more

How to Choose a Web of Science Journal?

When selecting a journal for publication in Web of Science, it's crucial to grasp the database's structure. The entirety of platform material is categorized into collections, with the Web of Science Core Collection forming the core, encompassing multiple citation indexes. Within the Web of Science Core Collection, the journal quartile and impact factor are computed for only two citation indices: Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index. To navigate this process effectively, consider the following:

1. Metrics and Indicators

Examine the metrics of the journal, including the Journal Citation Indicator (JCI), article acceptance rates, and other relevant indicators.


2. Journal Indexing

Verify the journal's indexing status within the Web of Science database.


3. Release Periodicity and Content Features

Understand the frequency of journal releases and the characteristics of the content published.


4. Ethical Standards

Evaluate the journal's commitment to honesty and adherence to publication ethics.



1Can HIGS assist with preparing technical papers for WoS?

Yes, HIGS offers support in the preparation of technical papers to meet the stringent standards of Web of Science Journals.

2 Can I monitor the progress of my WoS publication?

Yes, we provide login details for you to easily track the submission and publication progress.

3What happens if my paper is rejected from the suggested journals?

If your paper is rejected from three journals, we will resubmit it to different journals, increasing the chances of successful publication.

4 How do I choose the right WoS journal for my research?

HIGS suggests subject-based journals tailored to your research. Our experts guide you in selecting the most suitable journals within the Web of Science database.

5 Can I trust HIGS to handle the peer review process?

Absolutely. Our dedicated team at HIGS manages the entire peer review process, addressing journal corrections and handling any necessary resubmissions on your behalf.

6 Does HIGS guarantee the successful publication of my paper?

Yes, HIGS guarantees the successful journal publication of your paper if we rewrite or author it.

7 Is there a specific format or style guide I need to follow for WoS publication?

Yes, each journal within Web of Science may have its own set of guidelines. HIGS helps you adhere to the specific formatting and style requirements of your chosen journal to increase the chances of acceptance.

8 What happens if I need to make revisions to my paper after submission?

If revisions are needed, HIGS seeks your approval and makes necessary corrections to enhance the content's quality before initiating the resubmission process.