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HIGS, as we are well-versed in PhD research guidance and assistance, we are highly experienced in guiding PhD research projects more than 15000 across the globe. HIGS, we are grouped with a great team of research assistance and it includes, writers, business coordinators, language polishers, journal publishing team, Advisory board, and more. Each one of our professionals is highly passionate about our work and they are really hard workers in meeting their goal towards world-class quality.


HIGS the Best PhD Research Assistance Team

Our team can offer the best PhD guidance and research assistance in India by providing endless services. We are so pleased to be with you from the beginning of your research to the end.

University admissions

Our team can help you to find out the best Universities in India to chase your dream degree of doing PhD. Our team will work with you to find out the best Universities for your domain and help you for the entrance examinations.

Research topic selection

We people work with contemporary research topics and we help you to lead your PhD research in a way of innovation, novelty and determination. We help you in choosing the research topics with the availability of many sources.

Guide selection

Our team will help you in choosing an appropriate guide for your subject area. We have a huge category of guide lists across India under various Universities. Meantime, everyone can’t be your guide. So hiring a professional team like HIGS will be your best choice.

Problem identification

We clearly identify the root cause of your research problem. And we frame the problem accurately and we discuss the research solutions. We select an appropriate implementation tool and we work for it.

Research proposal writing

We people stand with you in the research proposal writing process. We will address your research questions and we plan to work with you to write your research proposal based on your requirements as well as your University guidelines.

Research paper writing

As we are engaged with high quality and passion, we assure you that we will give you such an excellent form of research paper writing. HIGS, we teamed with passionate professionals and we adhere to error-free paper writing with high accuracy.

Journal publication

Our team is developed with the aim of a fast and easy way of the publication . As we engaged with world-reputed journals such as SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, and more. We clearly explain about the and suitability of your journal.

Synopsis writing

As we have a world-reputed team of writers, they can perform multiple writing processes. And they are too professionals in their way of writing. They are qualified from varied educational backgrounds and they are highly experienced as well.

Review paper writing

The review paper is the process of reviewing the recent progress of a particular research topic. Overall, the paper must summarize the current state of the research topic. So, our review paper writers team at HIGS will help you in writing your review paper in a proper way.

Thesis writing

Our writer team is native English speakers and qualified from various domains. And they are experienced in handling a number of toughest thesis from various research scholars. Your thesis will be error-free and plagiarism-free.

Viva process

Thus, after providing all your research needs; we also undergo the viva process by providing you excellent research requirements. We explain to you clearly about your research project. We have a team of research assistance and they can explain the research summary clearly.

Guideship Selection

Our team will be helping you till the end. We evaluate your published papers and arrange a proper guideship for you. We help you in getting guideship on the basis of your academic accomplishments, past services, project details, and more.

The Best Research Assistance in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai, New Delhi and more.

As we are a part of PhD research assistance in India and abroad such as US, UK, UAE, Australia, and more, we are extremely innovative and passionate about our research assistance with the help of experts.

As the Best Research Assistance in India, what we follow as a unique strategy in our research area?

On-time delivery

We arrive on—time!! Because we have great skills in time management and we deliver your project before the deadline.

Highly confidential

We are too professionals in our PhD assistance work. And we always make sure that we provide much safety to your research works.

24/7 and 365 days assistance

We work around the clock to clarify your doubts and to help you with various prospects. We take utmost care to evaluate each and every need of yours.


As a whole, we always strive to meet up your dream degree of PhD and we attain our quality standards at a high grade. We offer endless research assistance from university registration to viva process, and in each and everything we maintain high standards and quality.


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Research topics in Engineering

We also come up with an excellent research topic of engineering such as Analytical mechanics, 3D printing, Carbon capture, Geengineering, Composite materials, Design optimization, Nanotechnology, and much more.

Research topics in Medicine

We take in part the topic selection with the experts in medicinal fields as well. We are highly expertise in the topics of disease and disorders, Mental health, Genetics, Food and nutrition, Women’s health, Health and hygiene studies, Epidemiology, Oncology, and more.

Research topics in Arts and Science

HIGS having a team of research professionals with the unique knowledge of arts and science research topics and it includes social issues, health, education, Environmental science, research on music, Indian culture, and much more.

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