Research Methodology

Doing PhD is the most prestigious thing compared with other degrees. But in the case of a PhD research, choosing the relevant research methodology must be individual, interdisciplinary, and practical. Research scholar must plan their own research programs to meet self-defined goals with the guidance and support of their university or a journal. All the research methodology strategies and procedures will be applied completely for primary or secondary specialization areas.

What is research methodology?

A research methodology is a key part of your thesis, dissertation, or research paper. Your research methodology chapter must explain what you did and how you did your research. Your research methodology always permits your readers to assess the consistency and validity of your PhD research.

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How Research methodology will help you?

Your effective and unique research methodology with specific procedures related to your research topic. Your research methodology will help the research scholar to identify, choose, process, and analyze the research data about a specific research subject that is known as a research methodology.

It permits the readers to assess the validity and reliability of the study in the research paper. Your PhD research methodology notes must state the methodology or generation of the data collection, and how it was analyzed, experiments, surveys, questionnaires, case studies, interviews, and more details.


In your PhD research methodology section, you can classify your research methodology based on the following methods of data collection. They are,

What should be included in your research methodology section?

Your research methodology section must follow the following things. They’re,

  • The type of research you have conducted
  • How you have collected and analyzed your research data
  • Demonstrate any tools or research materials you have used in your PhD research
  • Why you chose these research methodologies
  • You must include, what are all the tips you have taken for writing a strong research methodology chapter.

After all, you must remember that your aim is not just to define your research methodologies, but to show how and why you applied them to your research. Again, it’s critical to establish that your research was carefully carried out and can be replicated.

Top 3 Tips to Be Taken While Writing Your Research Methodology

1 Focus on your research objectives and research questions

Your PhD research methodology section must show why your research methodologies match your research objectives. And you must prove to the reader that you have chosen the best and possible research methodologies to answer your problem statement and research questions.

2 Cite relevant sources

You can add up the strength to your research methodology by referencing your prevailing research in your research field. This will help you to,

  • Demonstrate that you have followed recognized practice for the type of your research field.
  • You must discuss how you have decided on your research approach by assessing your existing research
  • You must present a novel research methodological approach to state a gap in the literature

3 Write for your readers

While writing your research methodology chapter, you must consider how much research information you have to give, and how much you need to avoid getting too length of a research methodology. If you are using research methodologies that are standard for your discipline, you probably don’t need to provide a lot of research background or explanation for your PhD research. Your PhD research methodology must be clear, and well-formatted, you must make a strong argument for your research approach with a list of technical details and procedures.


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How to write research methodology?

State your research problem - Start your research methodology part by listing out the research problems or research questions. In that particular section, you must include the aim to study your hypotheses.

Create your overall methodological approach - Your entire research approach will be in both qualitative and quantitative methodology.

Validate your choice of research methodologies - If you are researching your primary data then you likely set eligibility limitations.

We assess whether your PhD research works can be transferred or generalized - Our team of PhD research experts and domain experts will assist you to evaluate your research work to check whether it is matching with your research or not.

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