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HIGS is the top-most PhD assisting firm, offering a bespoke publication service tailored for Anna University Annexure 2 journals. Our journal publication service caters especially to Annexure 2 Anna University journals, meeting the university's esteemed standards. Researchers and scholars at the forefront of innovation seek a reliable partner to guide them through the intricate publication process, especially in journals recognised by esteemed institutions such as Anna University. Whether delving into CFR Anna University or Anna University Centre for Research navigating the extensive Anna University research terrain, or targeting Annexure 2 journals, HIGS is your ally.

HIGS offers a specialized publication service tailored exclusively for scholars aspiring to publish in Anna University Annexure 2 journals. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that our services align seamlessly with the stringent standards set by Anna University for Annexure 2 publications. Choose HIGS for flawless research work and simplify your Anna University Annexure 2 journal list and Annexure 2 paper publication process. Contact us for well-crafted, quality research papers. HIGS not only assists with writing and publishing but also supports you throughout your entire PhD research journey.


Our team manages processes such as research writing, editing, revision, proofreading, plagiarism checking, and publication. Our services are affordable, offering high-quality research work for your journal publication. If you are in search of the Anna University Annexure 2 journal list available for download in PDF format, including the Anna University Annexure 2 publications pdf free download, Anna University Annexure 2 publications pdf, Anna University Annexure 2 publications list, and Anna University Annexure 2 pdf download, we are here to help. Contact us to access the comprehensive Anna University Annexure 2 Journal List 2024 in PDF format and begin your path to successful scholarly publication.

Why is Annexure 2 Important?

Being featured in Annexure 2 enhances the visibility and credibility of research work. It is often considered a benchmark for the quality of research publications. This recognition is crucial for academic and professional growth. Furthermore, Annexure 2 recognition facilitates broader dissemination of research findings, fostering collaboration and contributing to an impactful scholarly presence.

Anna University, renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and research, has established a comprehensive framework for the classification of journals. Annexure 2, a crucial part of this framework, encompasses a curated list of journals recognised by the university for the publication of research articles. These journals meet specific criteria, ensuring the quality and credibility of the published work.


Before submitting ensure the following Guidelines for Annexure Journals

  • Novelty in the paper
  • Plagiarism below < 10 (Urkund or iThenticate)
  • Alignment of scope with the journal
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Annexure 2 Publication In Wide Range Of Domains

In Annexure 2 publication, we cover various domains to cater to a broad spectrum of research areas. Our comprehensive approach ensures that scholars from various fields can benefit from our services. Some of the research domains which we served are

  • 01. Science and Technology
  • 02.Medicine and Healthcare
  • 03.Social Sciences
  • 04.Business and Management
  • 05.Environmental Science
  • 06.Computer Science
  • 07.Arts and Humanities
  • 08.Education
  • 09.Agriculture
  • 10.Mechanical Engineering
  • 11.Electrical Engineering
  • 12.Civil Engineering
  • 13.Information Technology
  • 14.Electronics
  • 15.Bioinformatics
  • 16.Material Science
  • 16.Chemical Engineering
  • 17.Biotechnology
  • 18.Mathematical Sciences
  • 19.Architecture and Planning
  • 20.Geology and Geophysics
  • 21.Nanotechnology
  • 22.Robotics
  • 23.Energy Studies
  • 24.Communication Engineering
  • 25.Philosophy
  • 26.And more…

Anna University Annexure 2 journals present an extensive array of rapidly publishing journals across all disciplines. The key requirement is submitting a high-quality paper for publication. Our research paper writers guide you through a list of swift-publishing journals and the Annexure 2 format for seamless paper publication. We handle the revision and editing of your research paper, ensuring a thorough review of the journal's revision process.

We Assure the Following in Journal Publication

  • Plagiarism-Free Content
  • Ethical Compliance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Timely Publication
  • Peer Review Support
  • Journal Selection Guidance
  • Confidentiality & Data Security
  • Transparent Communication

Why Choose HIGS?

Our dedicated team of domain experts provides comprehensive support throughout your research journey, from initial drafting to final submission. We assist in writing, editing, revising, conducting plagiarism checks, and more. With 24/7 availability, our journal paper writing team ensures a flawless and tailored approach to your research. Our native English-speaking experts, possessing essential qualifications, are committed to delivering high-quality content aligned with your specific journal requirements.

badge Tailored Publication Services

HIGS understands the unique requirements of Annexure 2 publications. The service is tailored to meet the specific guidelines and standards set by Anna University. From manuscript preparation to submission, HIGS ensures a seamless process.

group_add Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced publication experts provides personalized guidance at every stage of the publication process. From refining your manuscript to navigating the submission and review process, we are here to ensure your work meets the highest standards.

workspace_premium Quality Assurance

HIGS is committed to maintaining high-quality standards. Every manuscript undergoes a thorough review to ensure compliance with Annexure 2 guidelines. This commitment to excellence sets HIGS apart as a reliable partner in the publication journey.

clinical_notesComprehensive Support

Beyond Annexure 2 publications, HIGS offers comprehensive support for various aspects of academic research. From editing services to research consulting, scholars can leverage a range of services to enhance the overall quality of their work.

print_add Plagiarism-free Work

We employ thorough plagiarism checks to ensure the authenticity of your work. We adhere to journal guidelines, encompassing accurate citations and ethical standards in your research which is essential for the successful publication of your annexure 2.

breaking_news Fast Publication

Our goal is to expedite the publication of your research within Annexure-approved journals. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring the efficient and successful publication of your work quickly and smoothly.

Want to Successfully Publish Your Research Work In Annexure 2 Journal as soon as possible?

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Get the best publication support from experienced, skilled, and friendly experts to ensure successful publication.
The Best Anna University Annexure 2 Journal Publication Service

HIGS software solution facilitates rapid paper publication in Anna University's Annexure 2. We offer support for downloading the Annexure 2 PDF for the year 2024 and provide access to the Annexure 2 journal list. The Anna University journal list ensures a quick and hassle-free paper publication process. Gain comprehensive information about CFR Anna University login, Anna University's list of journals, research details, guideship, scholar login for Centre for Research Anna University, filling details, and more. You can rely on our seasoned Annexure 2 publication experts for efficient Anna University Annexure 2 journal publication.

Our Annexure 2 Publication Service is tailored to ensure a seamless and successful journey for researchers and academicians seeking to publish their work in Annexure 2-approved journals. Selecting the right journal is crucial. We help you identify Annexure 2-approved journals that align with the scope of your research, increasing the chances of acceptance and visibility within your academic community. Your research data and personal information are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your intellectual property and ensure the privacy of your work throughout the entire publication journey.

Our Working Process

We ensure that your manuscript meets high-quality standards. 01

Thoroughly examine the paper, reducing plagiarism to below 9% for acceptance. 02

We modify the article format to align with journal standards. 03

Compile and submit the article with the bibliography to the chosen journal. 04

Receive a unique username and password for convenient paper tracking. 05

Subject the manuscript to review by journal editors. 06

Assess and address comments from the journal editors. 07

We make necessary corrections based on the editor's feedback. 08

We then submit the revised manuscript to the journal for publication. 09

Track the paper's progress using your provided username and password once accepted. 10

Peer-Review Response

Crafting responses to peer reviewers is an art. We assist you in formulating thoughtful and effective responses and addressing comments with clarity and precision. Turn peer review challenges into opportunities for improvement, increasing the chances of a positive editorial decision. We maintain transparent and open lines of communication throughout the publication process. You will receive regular updates, feedback, and insights to keep you informed and engaged in the journey.

The Standout Elements of Annexure 2 Publications

  • Annexure 2 publications are officially recognized by the University Grants Commission in India.
  • Publications in Annexure 2 journals are often considered valuable for career advancement.
  • Annexure 2 journals adhere to rigorous academic and editorial standards to ensure the quality and credibility of published research.
  • Publications in Annexure 2 journals are recognized as valuable for academic and professional career progression.
  • Annexure 2 journals cover diverse academic disciplines, ensuring relevance to various fields of study.
  • Annexure 2 journals often have a robust peer review process, contributing to the overall quality of the published research.
  • Publications in Annexure 2 journals enhance the visibility and impact of research within academic circles.
  • Annexure 2 journals uphold ethical standards, including robust peer review processes and authorship guidelines.
If you Have any Queries or Need Help or Assistance to Publish Your Research Papers in Annexure 2 Journals Easily and Quickly, Just Contact us at ‘+916382814563’ and Have a Technical Discussion with our Team or Mail us at or Chat Via Whatsapp at ‘+918681018401’.

Publishing in Annexure Journals: Free and Paid Options

HIGS excels in assisting authors in publishing their research in both free and paid Annexure Journals. Our specialized services are designed to provide a seamless and personalized approach to fulfil your publication requirements. Whether you choose cost-free options or premium selections, HIGS expertly navigates you through each step, enhancing the visibility and impact of your research. With our expertise, you can confidently explore diverse publication paths and make informed decisions for your academic contributions.

S.No Free Annexure Publication Paid Annexure Publication
1 No fees for submission, review, or publication. Involves fees for submission, peer review, and publication.
2 Generally freely accessible to readers. May require payment or a subscription for access.
3 May have a thorough review process. Includes a meticulous peer-review process to ensure high quality.
4 Authors typically submit directly to the journal's platform Submission process may entail structured steps with upfront fees.
5 Get a Quote for Free Publication Get a Quote for Paid Publication

Our team of proficient journal experts is committed to producing original papers, ensuring a 100% guarantee of uniqueness and free from plagiarism, all customised to meet the highest standards. Our streamlined process eliminates delays and ensures the timely submission of your work. We deeply comprehend your ideas and research methodology, collaborating effectively to shape your paper. We grasp the essence of your ideas and research methodology, working collaboratively to shape your paper effectively.

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Focused on journals rated by Impact Factors, we meticulously select those with the highest value, enhancing the prestige and impact of your publication. our paper formatting services guarantee that your research is presented in a publication-ready format, precisely tailored to meet your chosen journal's specifications. Essential adjustments, including file type, resolution, colour space, fonts, and layout, are made to enhance the professional appearance of your paper. Our team aligns your manuscript with the specific standards required by the target journal. Expert editors are available to assist in refining elements like the paper title, abstract, and main text to meet your precise needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What disciplines or fields does HIGS cover in Annexure 2 publications?

    HIGS covers a diverse range of disciplines, ensuring support for researchers across various fields listed in Annexure 2.
  • 2. Is there a limit to the number of revisions HIGS will assist with during the Annexure 2 publication process?

    HIGS provides unlimited revisions to address peer review comments and enhance the overall quality of your manuscript.
  • 3. How do you assist in choosing the right Annexure 2 journal for my research?

    Our team provides expert guidance, helping you select the most suitable Annexure 2 journal aligned with the scope and focus of your research.
  • 4. Can HIGS assist with addressing reviewer comments during the peer review process for Annexure 2 journals?

    Absolutely, HIGS offers support in comprehensively addressing reviewer comments to enhance the chances of successful publication.
  • 5. Is my research data and personal information kept confidential during and after the project?

    Yes, both your research data and personal information are treated with the utmost confidentiality. We adhere to strict privacy policies to protect your data and never share it with third parties.