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HIGS provides the best journal publication service to publish research papers in Anna University Annexure 1 journals in India. Our Annexure publications are dedicated to helping researchers, scholars, and authors achieve this pinnacle of academic recognition. Our mission is to empower you through expert guidance and support at every step of your Annexure 1 publication journey. Your pursuit of Annexure publications is a significant step toward academic excellence. HIGS is dedicated to being your guiding light on this journey. We recognise that research is not just about publications but about the impact it can have on the world. We extend our trustworthy Annexure 1 publication services all over India. Our efficient support ensures the successful publication of your research in Annexure 1 journals.


With HIGS by your side, you can focus on your research, knowing that your path to academic excellence is supported by a team of experts who are equally committed to your success. We understand that the requirements and expectations in different research areas can vary significantly, and our team is well-equipped to provide specialised guidance for your specific field of study. Our commitment to your success goes beyond simply meeting the minimum standards; we strive to optimise your research for maximum impact. The Work we Deliver is Certain to Meet the Standards of your Journal!

Diverse Domains in Annexure Journal Publication

Annexure contains a diverse collection of journal publications spanning various domains, showcasing the depth and breadth of research and scholarship in these areas. Each domain contributes to the global pool of knowledge, addressing unique challenges and advancing human understanding in its way. HIGS offers a comprehensive and professional service for annexure publication, ensuring that your research and scholarly contributions are efficiently and effectively presented to the academic and scientific community. Our team is dedicated to facilitating the publication of your annexures across various domains, enabling you to share your valuable research in a manner that meets the highest standards of quality and accessibility. With HIGS, you can trust in a seamless process that takes your work to the next level, ensuring its visibility and impact within your respective field.

Before submitting ensure the following Guidelines for Annexure Journals

  • * Novelty in the paper
  • * Plagiarism below < 10 (Urkund or iThenticate)
  • * Alignment of scope with the journal
    • For Any Queries Contact: +916382814563.
  • 01. Science and Technology
  • 02. Medicine and Healthcare
  • 03. Social Sciences
  • 04. Business and Economics
  • 05. Humanities
  • 06. Environmental Sciences
  • 07. Education
  • 08. Political Science
  • 09. Law
  • 10. Engineering and Technology
  • 11. Information technology
  • 12. Cloud Computing
  • 13. Image Processing
  • 14. Grid Computing
  • 15. Medical Image Processing
  • 16. Robotic
  • 17. Artificial Intelligence
  • 18. Software Engineering
  • 19. Biomedical
  • 20. Mobile Computing
  • 21. Embedded System
  • 22. Power system
  • 23. Signal processing
  • 24. Pattern Recognition
  • 25. Marketing Management
  • 26. Human Resource Management
  • 27. Information System Management
  • 28. Data Mining
  • 29. Web Mining
  • 30. Multimedia
  • 31. Banking of Finance
  • 32. Wireless Sensor Network
  • 33. Security and Privacy
  • 34. Soft computing
  • 35. Bio-Medical Engineering
  • 36. Internal Business
  • 37. Operation Management
  • 38. Digital Signal Processing
  • 39. Communication System
  • 40. Biometric And more…

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Fast and Easy Anna University Annexure 1 Journals Publications

Why Choose HIGS for Annexure Publications?

At HIGS, we provide the best and most reliable assistance to publish your research papers in the Anna University Annexure 1 journal. Our team possess journal experts with years of experience, who can help to choose a suitable journal for your research and assist you throughout the publication process. We stay updated with the latest Annexure Journal List for 2024. You can avail of convenient Annexure 1 PDF downloads and access to Anna University Annexure 1 free journal lists.

Best Journal Selection

Our experienced team of researchers and academic experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable Annexure-listed journal for your research. We consider your research domain, the impact factor of the journal and your publication goals to provide the best advice.

Journal Experts

We understand the intricate formatting requirements of Annexure publications. Our expert writers can assist you in preparing a meticulously formatted manuscript that meets the journal's or conference's specifications, ensuring a higher chance of acceptance.

Peer Review Assistance

Navigating the peer-review process can be challenging, but we are here to support you. We can help you address reviewer comments and make necessary revisions to improve the chances of your research being accepted. Our services also include providing comprehensive advice and support throughout the entire process.

Quick Publication

HIGS understands the importance of timely publication. We work efficiently to ensure a hassle-free process for your research gets published in Annexure-approved journals or conferences as quickly as possible. We will also provide all the necessary guidance and support to ensure the successful publication of your work in Annexure 1 journals.

Quality Assurance

Quality is non-negotiable in research publications. Our team of experts reviews your work to ensure it meets the high standards set by Anna University, giving you confidence in the quality of your research output. We are committed to providing the highest quality service to ensure the success of your research.

Ethical Compliance and Plagiarism Check

HIGS conducts rigorous plagiarism checks to guarantee the originality of your work. We assist in adhering to ethical guidelines, including proper citations, obtaining necessary permissions, and ensuring the highest ethical standards in your research, which is crucial for successful Annexure publication.

Are you a student or a researcher affiliated with Anna University? Are you seeking a reliable and efficient solution for the publication of your research in Anna University's Annexure?

Look no further than HIGS - the one-stop destination for all your Annexure publication needs. We provide a quick turnaround and guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate. Our services save you time and ensure that your research is accepted.

Our Services

Our Annexure Publication Service is dedicated to elevating the scholarly achievements of PhD researchers. Our services encompass comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless and impactful publication journey. From meticulous guidance to timely assistance, HIGS is committed to optimizing your Annexure publications, making your research contributions stand out in the academic domain.

Manuscript Preparation

Writing a research paper that complies with the stringent guidelines of Annexure-approved publications can be a daunting task. HIGS relieves you of this burden. We offer proficient research paper writing services to ensure your research paper aligns perfectly with the publication standards. Our team of experts will ensure that your manuscript is formatted according to the latest guidelines. We will also proofread and edit your manuscript to ensure accuracy.

Tailored Support for Diverse Research Domains

One of the remarkable aspects of HIGS is its ability to cater to a wide spectrum of research domains. Whether you are in engineering, computer science, life sciences, or any other field, our experts have the knowledge and experience to assist you. We understand that the requirements and expectations in different research areas can vary significantly, and our team is well-equipped to provide specialized guidance for your specific field of study.

Hassle-Free Manuscript Formatting

Manuscript formatting can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming task, causing undue stress for many researchers. HIGS takes this burden off your shoulders. Our proficient manuscript formatting service ensures that your research paper aligns perfectly with the stringent guidelines of Annexure-approved journals and conferences. Our team of experts carefully reviews your paper for any errors or discrepancies before submitting it.

Navigating the Complex Peer Review Process

The peer review process can be an intimidating stage in getting your research published. HIGS understands the intricacies of this process and is well-equipped to help you navigate it smoothly. Our experts provide critical feedback and recommendations to address reviewer comments and increase the likelihood of acceptance. We have a proven track record of guiding researchers through the often perplexing world of peer review with success.

Anna University Annexure 1 Journal List

Annexure 1, which contains the Anna University Annexure 1 journal list, stands as a prestigious compilation of journals officially recognized by Anna University, lauded for their exceptional academic significance and high impact factors. These journals are the gold standard for gauging the quality of research publications. If your goal is to publish your research in a journal endorsed by Anna University, it is a wise decision to consider submitting your manuscript to one of the journals listed in Annexure 1. Notable titles within this compilation include the International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), which covers a wide spectrum of subjects in the realm of science and technology, and the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, with a primary focus on pharmaceutical research.

For comprehensive publication support and unwavering assistance, our HIGS platform is ready to serve you. If you are seeking Anna University Anna University Annexure 1 quick publication, Anna University Annexure 1 2024 pdf, annexure 1 Journal List 2024, Anna University Annexure 1 Journal List pdf or Anna University Annexure 1 journal list 2024 pdf or Anna University Annexure 1 free journal list, Anna University Annexure 1 journal Scopus, Anna University Annexure 1 impact factor our platform can also provide you with the relevant information. We are your one-stop solution for all things related to Anna University Annexure 1 journal pdf and fast publishing Annexure 1 journals.

How We Work?

HIGS provides a comprehensive solution for researchers and PhD scholars affiliated with Anna University, facilitating the attainment of Annexure publications. With a team of experienced professionals, our commitment to offering personalized support, timely publication, and quality assurance ensures that your research stands out in the academic world. We work closely with you to understand your research goals and objectives. Our team of experts is available to provide you with support and guidance throughout the process.

  1. Send us your requirements and get a free technical discussion with experts.
  2. Receive a price quote and details about free/paid journals.
  3. Provide the abstract and title of your paper.
  4. We evaluate your paper and suggest an appropriate journal for publication.
  5. If you agree with the journal choice, we align your paper with the specific journal's guidelines.
  6. If your paper meets quality standards, we proceed with the submission process. If not, we guide improvements.
  7. We handle the submission of your paper to the chosen journal.
  8. Our experts conduct a comprehensive journal revision, and if needed, we go through a paper resubmission process.
  9. We provide a guarantee of 100% paper acceptance.
  10. Promote your published paper among your colleagues and friends.

We are Specialised In,

  • Free & Paid Journal Publication Help
  • Paid Publication in 120 to 150 days
  • Regular Updates about the Publication
  • Guaranteed Peer Review Process Support
  • Maintaining Rich Journal Impact Factor
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Publication in Free And Paid Annexure Journals

At HIGS, we specialize in facilitating publication in both free and paid Annexure Journals. Our dedicated services ensure a seamless and tailored approach to meet your publication needs. Whether opting for cost-free options or premium selections, HIGS guides you through every step, maximizing the visibility and impact of your research.

S.No Free Annexure Publication Paid Annexure Publication
1 No financial charges for submission, review, or publication. Involves fees for submission, peer review, and publication.
2 Generally freely accessible to readers. May require payment or a subscription for access.
3 May have a thorough review process. Includes a meticulous peer-review process to ensure high quality.
4 Authors typically submit directly to the journal's platform You can track your submission process
5 Get a Quote for Free Publication Get a Quote for Paid Publication

HIGS - Masters of Journal Excellence, Uniqueness & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team of skilled and experienced journal experts is dedicated to crafting original papers with a 100% guarantee of uniqueness, free from plagiarism, and tailored to meet the highest standards. With us, there will be no more delays in receiving your work and timely submission of your work. We understand your ideas and research methodology and work collaboratively to shape your paper. With a focus on journals rated by Impact Factors, we will select those with the highest value, ultimately elevating the prestige and impact of your publication.


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Our paper formatting services ensure your research is presented in a publication-ready format, precisely tailored to meet the specifications of your chosen journal. We make essential adjustments, such as file type, resolution, colour space, fonts and layout, all aimed at enhancing the professional appearance of your paper. Our team brings your manuscript in line with the specific standards required by the target journal. Our expert editors can assist in revising elements like the paper title, abstract and main text to meet your needs. We encourage open communication, allowing you to ask any number of questions about the formatting of your paper to our expert team.

Need To Enhance The Impact And Accessibility Of Your Scholarly Work?

HIGS is here to help you make your research shine! HIGS is your trusted partner for Annexure 1 Journal Publication. We offer a seamless and professional service, ensuring your supplementary materials are meticulously prepared and seamlessly integrated with your research paper. For Free Journal Discussion Contact “+91 6382814563”.



HIGS offers services across various domains, including science, technology, medicine, social sciences, business, humanities, environmental sciences, education, political science, law, engineering, and more.

HIGS provides expert assistance in organizing, formatting, and ensuring the accuracy of your annexure content, helping you meet Anna University's standards.

You can get in touch with HIGS via our website or email, and our experienced team will guide you through the process, ensuring that your research aligns with Anna University's expectations.

We ensure that your annexure is seamlessly integrated with your main article, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive publication.

The timeline varies based on the complexity of your annexure. We work efficiently to meet your publication deadlines.

Our team is committed to supporting you from the beginning throughout your academic journey. Explore our service pages and stay updated with our latest research topic blogs. Hire us for a swift and hassle-free publication of your research paper in Annexure 1 journals. We provide affordability, 24/7 assistance, punctual delivery, top-notch research papers, domain expertise, paper improvement for rejections, and a team of native English speakers. Also, visit

HIGS Offers the Best, Fastest, and Most Reliable Research Paper Publication Service in Anna University's Annual Journals. Avail of Our Journal Publication Service to Showcase Your Research to the Academic World. For any Queries, Please Feel Free to Contact us Via Phone at ‘+916382814563’, Email at, or through WhatsApp at ‘+918681018401’.