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HIGS is the best online proofreading and editing service that provides editing for all phd writings. Our team of expert editors and proofreaders with a decade of experience in the field ensures that every document is free from errors and that it meets high standards. Our service offer guarantees to our clients that their manuscripts shall not be rejected for grammar, writing style/tone or formatting issues. We achieve consistency and precision throughout every line, detail, and section of the manuscript with our meticulous research paper editing process. We guarantee strict adherence to the author's instructions and the guidelines of the target journal in every aspect of the manuscript, from the inclusion of keywords to the formatting of references. More so, if you need any minor revisions to your manuscript, we shall re-edit the manuscript at no extra charge. We also offer a Plagiarism removal service for manuscripts at some additional charge.

Though HIGS was the leading PhD assistance service provider, we afford the best Proofreading and editing service. Proofreading is a vital part of the writing process that involves analyzing a written document to identify and rectify grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary errors. Proofreading and editing both seem to be the same but they are different Processes with different goals.

Proofreading is the very last step of the writing process and it ensures that the document is free from errors and well-versed to a high standard. Editing is the process that comes before proofreading. Editing should be done before proofreading so that the document will be utmost error-free and eligible for proofreading. You may have noticed that proofreaders and editors, instruct you again and again that you should not rely entirely on your proofreading because no matter how many times you check there will invariably be errors you miss.


By hiring a Proofreading service, you can find and eliminate errors. A “new pair of eyes” will help you to identify all the mistakes in a document that you missed. The advantage of using the HIGS proofreading service is that we have experienced proofreaders who are experts in rectifying mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.

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HIGS Proofreading and editing service Guarantees
  • Error-free and Precise Manuscript.
  • Refine your work to its essential excellence.
  • Ensures Professionalism.
  • High Chances of Publication.
  • Document polished to higher standards.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • On-time Delivery.


Importance of Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading are essential in research paper Writing Processes. It should be done before the publication of a research paper. Proofreading and editing will help to improve the effectiveness and clarity of writing and make the content concise, precise and error-free.

Why is editing important?

The Editing focuses on the effectiveness of the structure, content, language, grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, headings, graphs, tables, lists, numbers and style of the document. There are three phases in the Editing Process such as 1. Structural editing 2. Line editing 3. Technical editing. The Editing process involves ordering and balancing chapters, ensuring coherence in the presentation of information, and providing completeness and effectiveness in heading hierarchy.

Editing services require greater effort from an editor than proofreading services from a proofreader because the editing primarily aims to improve the academic quality of your manuscript. Hence, editing services usually involve improvements in the content such as deleting or changing words or sentences or even paragraphs, enhancing the overall structure of content, quality of the findings and analysis, simplicity, referencing, and format of the manuscript.

Why is Proofreading important?

Proofreading is done at the last stage of Editing and it’s a crucial process. Proofreading is the final inspection of the entire document after completing the layout and design to correct any typographical errors in the text. It focuses on correcting errors in writing, capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation, symbols, equations, word usage, charts, graph labelling, headers and footers. Proofreaders clear up misunderstandings and ensure that your message is clear and consistent.

Proofreading also involves checking that all components of the publication are included and in the correct order, all cross-references, captions and page numbers are correct.It is extremely important to proofread your manuscript because errors in written works cause misunderstanding and cause damage to the writer’s reputation. You can easily catch others' mistakes, but rarely your own. Therefore hiring proofreaders for proofreading your document is a better choice.

When aiming to publish your work in a high-impact factor journal, meticulous attention is crucial in crafting your manuscript. Adhering to the guidelines of the target journal is paramount, but achieving flawlessness in language and format is equally important, a task that effective editing can accomplish. However, not every scholar possesses the ability to create a paper that is both error-free and well-written, meeting the highest presentation standards. Similar to fine-tuning a product after its development, the post-creation refinement of your research documents is essential. This ensures that all inputs are utilized most appropriately, resulting in a polished and well-presented output. This is precisely what we aim to achieve through our research editing service at HIGS. Our manuscript editing service in India focuses on refining academic reports, PhD dissertation or doctoral dissertations, Master theses, and other crucial academic documents.

Proofreading Vs Editing

Usually, most of us think that editing and proofreading are similar, but actually, they are two entirely different processes that should be applied at various stages before the publication process. The main difference between proofreading and editing lies in the goal of the process, the focus on the task, scope, and limitations, application in the stage of writing, file type and format used typical tools, cost, and perspective.

Editing Proofreading
The goal of Editing is to ensure the text is presentable. The goal of Proofreading is to check quality control.
Editing focus on improving the text by eradicating minute errors such as inappropriate language, tone, word choice, structure and flow of ideas. Proofreading Focus on identifying and fixing evident errors not only in text but also in layout.
Editing is about making any changes required to the document to make it attractive or fit for purpose. Proofreading is about ensuring the components are framed correctly.
It involves deleting or rearranging words or sentences, even paragraphs, chapters or sections. It involves reviewing the flow and language of the content and ensuring it will symphonize with readers.
Editing takes place on the draft and the final version is approved text. Proofreading is done after the layout and design phase of the approved text.
Editors typically work with documents in MS Word format. Proofreaders typically work with documents in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Editors typically use the Track changes function in MS Word to make changes directly to the text. Proofreaders typically use the comment tool in Adobe Acrobat to show corrections.

How does HIGS provide the best Editing & Proofreading service?

We have assisted numerous senior academics, including professors and researchers, by meticulously proofreading their written work, ensuring its acceptance for publication. Without this critical step, the work might not have met the necessary standards. In various instances, clients approached us for proofreading after facing initial rejection due to numerous English spelling and grammar errors. Following our proofreading service, many of these documents were successfully accepted for publication. Boost your confidence in your submitted work with our dedicated team of journal proofreaders and our exceptional proofreading services.



Our team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in various domains, ensuring that knowledgeable specialists review your document.



We focus on meticulous proofreading and editing, addressing grammar, punctuation, and formatting to ensure the highest level of precision in your content.



HIGS tailors its services to meet your specific needs, whether it's academic editing, admissions editing, business editing, or editing services for writers.


Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines. HIGS is committed to delivering prompt and efficient proofreading and editing services without compromising quality.



HIGS adheres to strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that your documents and personal information are handled with the utmost privacy and security.


Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality extends beyond correction; we strive to enhance diligently your document's overall clarity, coherence, and impactful presentation.

When Do You Need Editing Services?

The editing process can proceed while the content is being written. Usually, after the completion of the writing process, the editing service is essentially needed. Self-editing is good, but seeking an expert editor for professional editing is much better. HIGS provides first-class editing services at an affordable price. Our experienced editors work quickly, efficiently and professionally, thus saving your valuable time, and improving your writing, to make the perfect manuscript.

When Do You Need Proofreading Services?

When you want to make sure that the final version of your document is error-free, you need proofreading services. Proofreading is a peculiar process and requires advanced extensive knowledge of the English language and is essentially the final phase in the process of preparing a manuscript for publication. HIGS proofreaders point out any error in the document that depreciates from its quality and we provide you with a perfect error-free document.

Why Do You Want To Choose HIGS?
  • By taking advantage of HIGS editing and proofreading you can reach a higher potential and increase the chances of your manuscript being published in professional journals.
  • Line-Editing
  • We assure you that our proofreading service adds power to your writing and increases the credibility of your manuscript.
  • Line-Editing
  • We do repeated revisions to ensure your document (Research paper or Thesis) is Perfect for Publication in peer view journals.
  • Line-Editing
  • HIGS proofreading ensures that even the smallest error in your manuscript will be resolved because those errors can change the intended meaning.
  • Line-Editing
  • The Language quality of your manuscript is important for the approval of the document for publication. Our experts proofread and enhance the Language quality of your document.

Our service ensures you that the research papers /documents proofread by us shall not be rejected for grammatical and other linguistic errors. We provide you with High-Quality documents that increase the credibility of your research. We offer Proofreading and editing services for all PhD writings and Professional Submissions such as

What Our Research Paper Editors Do for Research Manuscripts?

  • Correction of grammatical errors
  • Eliminating redundant and repetitive words/phrases
  • Conciseness in lengthy sentences while preserving their original meaning
  • Restructuring sentences that fail to convey the intended meaning
  • Fixing misspellings and punctuation errors
  • Ensuring consistency in document formatting, including elements like bulleting, numbering, headings/sub-headings, spacing, margins, footnotes, labelling, etc.
  • Ensuring correct citation and reference formats
  • Adhering to professional quality standards
  • Strict compliance with zero-plagiarism policies universally recognized by universities.
  • Critical analysis of the work's value concerning the subject matter, aiming for logical, meaningful, clear, and concise content.

We implement additional modifications, including adjustments to citations, references, notes, tables, figures, headings, and layout, to align with the publication guidelines of the client’s target journal. Our expert PhD thesis editing services and dissertation proofreading services aim to mitigate risks by meticulously verifying the accuracy and consistency of your writing and formatting. We correct errors where necessary and offer suggestions for potential improvements, ensuring a polished final document.

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction

Our commitment to your satisfaction includes offering unlimited free revisions. Our team of skilled editors and proofreaders is committed to addressing your specific requirements and making adjustments to enhance the overall quality of your content. We understand the importance of refining your work to meet your expectations, and our team is dedicated to making any necessary adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the final result. This ensures that your document aligns precisely with your vision, providing you with the highest level of quality and confidence in the end product.

Our Workflow

You can reach us anytime for any queries. We are not only here for Proofreading and Editing Service, we are also here for handling your entire research work. We meet your 100% satisfaction level. You can contact us anytime through call at +916382814563, you can send mail at, you can hire us through whatsapp at +918681018401.


Professional editing ensures that your research paper is free from errors, adheres to academic standards, and presents your ideas with clarity. It enhances the overall quality and increases the chances of acceptance by journals.

2. What types of editing services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive editing services, including proofreading, grammar and punctuation checks, content flow improvement, formatting, citation accuracy, and more. Our goal is to enhance every aspect of your research paper.

3. Can you edit papers in various research domains?

Absolutely. Our team comprises experts in diverse fields, including engineering, technology, medicine, life sciences, law, business management, English literature, sociology, psychology, and more. We cater to a wide range of research areas.

4. What happens if I have additional questions after the editing is complete?

Beyond the editing process, we are committed to your satisfaction. In case you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even after editing is completed, we are here to support you.

5. How do you maintain confidentiality?

We take confidentiality seriously. Your documents are handled with the utmost care, and our team adheres to strict privacy and security protocols.