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Hey all! If you are searching for List of SCI journals am glad you landed in the right place. HIGS provide you the recently updated SCI journal list 2022-2023.Our team of experts will help you to publish your papers in SCI journal index in high quality as required by the journals. We are well knowledged about the SCI journal impact factor which is a metric to rank the journal, so that we can guide you in selecting the SCI journal list. We offer extensive publication which we have been doing for years by providing you the list of SCI journals with impact factor and giving you suggestions and tips from our past experiences to publish your paper stress free.


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HIGS have established publication support in various domains such as SCI journal list computer science, SCI journal list civil engineering, SCI journal list chemistry, SCI journal list 2023 Computer Science, SCI journal list architecture, SCI journal list of mathematics, SCI journal list of Mechanical Engineering, SCI journal list for Electronics and communication Engineering, SCI Dental journal list, SCI journal list Economics, SCI journal list for Machine learning, SCI journal list orthopedics, SCI journal list ophthalmology, SCI journal list for Image Processing and the list goes on.

SCI Journal Index

A Journal’s indexation reflects is quality. When opposed to non-indexed journals, indexed journals are of higher scientific quality.SCI is one of the frontline journal in Science and Technology due to its rigorous selection process. HIGS has helped numerous researchers, publish their paper in SCI indexed journals. If you are in dire need of SCI indexed journal publication support, remember the name HIGS.

What is SCI Journal?

Created by ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) with help from Eugene Garfield, Science Citation Index (SCI) was rolled out in 1964 currently headed by Clarivate Analytics. Throughout these years, SCI has evolved to be a widely known area for citation of journals, as an open source international journal.SCI is a charitable association and have emerged as a truly free and wide available online resource. Check out them

SCI have Indexed more than 27 major scientific domains with 5000 International publishers in 240 countries around the world.

How It’s Done?

  • A consultation session with our clients will be led by our business coordinators and SCI journal list 2022-2023 will be provided.
  • Request you to submit your title and paper abstract to us via mail(
  • The title will be forwarded to the journal's chief editor by our facilitator
  • The abstract and title will be evaluated by them
  • After evaluating, they will recommend an appropriate journal for you.
  • The recommended journals will be sent to our client's email address.
  • Based upon this, we endorse an easy and fast way of publication journal for our client.
  • It’s our clients who are the end deciders in selecting the journal.

Hey Wait We Are Not Done Yet!!

Yes! You heard it right, we are not done yet. After receiving your paper our experts will analyze the paper to see if the paper meets the necessary standards and spot out if there is any grammatical errors, as our language experts are well qualified and skilled. Our business coordinators will get back to you carrying the reviews from our experts and requesting your permission to do the corrections, since we don’t like to act oversmart and do the corrections on our own.



You might have a doubt that we charge you for these necessary corrections. No we don’t charge for this since our only priority is getting your paper published as per your requirements.

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The corrected version will be sent to you for confirmation. A list of SCI journals will be suggested by our teams which are relevant to your field. Finding any difficulty in selecting the journal, HIGS is there for you since we have help publish a lot of researchers in SCI journals it won’t be difficult for us. We prepare a customized list of SCI journals with impact factor matching your study.

Impact factor (IF)-an quantitative measurement of how often an article in the journal has been repeatedly cited in the given year. In simple terms consider IF as a number determining the rank or significance of a journal.

Based upon the list we provided you would have now be able to select the journal in which you want your paper to be published. We won’t compel you to select a particular journal at the same time we will elaborate the standards and formats of all the journals in the list provided. Once the journal is decided we process your paper according to the journal’s requirements and standards with the help of our editorial team and the finalized version will be sent to you for confirmation.

After your confirmation, we will send your paper to the journal’s chief editor. They will analyze and evaluate the paper. A separate Username and Password will be given to you for tracking the status of your paper. Journal chief editors have lots of experience and their way of scrutinizing papers will be rigorous, so it’s definite that they will give a list of corrections to be made in the paper. Don’t worry we will assist you in the remarks given by the journal since we work with dedication. Our editing team works on the list of corrections need to be done on the paper; once it’s done your paper will be resubmitted.

Time For Publishing

It takes about 60-90 days once your paper is submitted since different journals have different time periods of publishing

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We understand the customer’s choice that many want free publication support. So HIGS offers free SCI publication support by providing list of free SCI journals.

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  • Assisting you in selecting the journals from a list
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  • Easy tracking of your paper with privacy by unique Username and Password.
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  • Checking for grammatical errors and improving the language
  • Transforming your paper to the journal standards

Our Working Model

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  • Editing Based on Comments from Journal Editor