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As the best PhD Guidance in Chennai, we just want to make this PhD journey somewhat smoother. HIGS offers the best PhD help & support for clients across the globe from various subject lines. We will help you in part time and full time PhD in Chennai. At every stage of the research work, we make sure that your work has been completed within a given timeframe and at the lowest possible rate. Our team will help you from the stage of PhD admission to the guideship process. “HIGS- the best PhD guidance & services in Chennai always stands with you in achieving your research goal through your most prestigious PhD degree”

As the best PhD assistance in Chennai, we are highly wanted by the PhD scholars across the globe. We are recommended and required by the scholars such as from Velachery, Kodampakam, Arugambakam, Virugambakkam, Kodungayur, Porur, Aminjikarai, and more. HIGS will be the best and all time supporters of PhD research projects in chennai. You can reach us anytime for all sorts of research assistance.

  • Original Research work
  • High quality of written document
  • Turnitin Plagiarism check
  • On-time completion

HIGS is a top organization providing exceptional PhD assistance in Chennai. We are the finest team providing PhD guidance in Chennai and offer expert assistance and direction for PhD candidates. Our team provide customised PhD assistance in Chennai for Research Scholars from Various Universities. We support and guide you at every stage of your PhD research to complete your project. Get the best PhD assistance in Chennai with HIGS and turn your PhD dreams into reality. Avail of personal mentorship for your PhD Degree. From topic Selection to final editing of Thesis - Complete Assistance for Research. Get the best PhD assistance and guidance on research papers, PhD Thesis, and PhD project research. HIGS provides PhD Support and Guidance, and the best PhD consultancy services. Make your PhD dreams come reality with HIGS, the best PhD assistance in Chennai.

How do we help you in each stage of PhD research?

Here are so many research areas we can help you with. We stand with you from the beginning to the end. We are ready to help you for any research services by means of PhD. Here you will experience the real PhD meaning in Education, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, and more. You can discuss your project requirements with our team of experts. We help you with the following. They are,

  • Help you in choosing the most relevant and interesting research topic Our team will be with you in getting admission to PhD in reputed universities.
  • Our team will be with you in getting admission to PhD in reputed universities such as in admission for phd in anna university, IIT, MIT, and any reputed universities.
  • We help you in developing PhD proposals, review papers, research papers, theses, and more.
  • HIGS will also help you in editing your documents such as proposals, review papers, research papers, theses, and more.
  • Our programmers at HIGS will help you with software implementation such as Java, Python, Python Spyder, NS2, Matlab, Matlab Simulink, and more.
  • HIGS will also stand with you in a fast and easy journal publication process in world-reputed journals.
  • HIGS will help you with plagiarism checking, proofreading, formatting, and more.
  • We will support you in journal revision, journal resubmission, and more. And finally, you can also opt for the viva process and the guideship process.
Why Choose Us?
Native English Speaking writers
250+ Subject-matter experts
100% High quality

A brief viewpoint of services provided by HIGS

There are so many services given by HIGS. We make sure that each and every research service provided by HIGS is top-notch. Our experts at HIGS are responsible, diligent, and have all the required experience to be able to help you with your research work. Here we have listed our services. They are,

PhD Admission

With the help of HIGS, you can take advantage of personal statement preparation, interview practice, and expert research proposal advice. Our PhD guidance service in Chennai can assist you in selecting the most suitable university, PhD program, and supervisors.we will entirely make the application process easy.

PhD topic Selection

HIGS will focus on our client’s interest and their career opportunities for topic selection. We provide multiple original research topics under any research stream. Our team will assess your subject area and we take utmost care of your research interest and we suggest the research topic accordingly.

PhD Research Proposal

We offer customized and error-free proposal writing help in any research area. We will give you a concise statement of a customized research proposal. We will explain the broad background of the research in the short term. We will meet the exact word count of the research proposal as recommended by the university.

PhD research paper writing

HIGS has a separate team of research paper writers under various subject areas. Our paper writers team possess all the essential qualifications to write your proposal. Our team of paper writers will conduct preliminary research, experimental research, and much more for writing your research paper with 100% domain adherence.

PhD review paper writing

We completely check out the journal guidelines and we write your review paper. We are the premium service providers of your PhD review paper. We adhere to providing 100% original and plagiarism-free review papers.

Software implementation

We are teamed up with experienced programmers with various implementation qualities. Our team of experienced programmers can handle programming processes under Matlab, Python, Java, Matlab Simulink, Python PyCharm, Python Anaconda, and Python Spyder.

Get In-Class research service from experts

Journal publication

We are your number 1 research partners in Chennai and our team will undergo fast and easy journal publication under various journals such as SCI, Scopus, Annexure, UGC, Q1, Elsevier, IEEE, Springer, and more. We also provide free and paid journal publication from various subject areas.

Thesis writing

HIGS is teamed up with the best in-class thesis writers from various educational backgrounds. We provide chapter-wise thesis writing assistance for your research. We will include all your research requirements in your thesis. We assure that we provide 100% quality & domain adherence.

Journal revision

We are also here for journal revisions. Our team will change the research paper in the ways requested by reviewers and editors. We will enhance the quality of the research paper and make it meet the requirements of the journal.

Document Rewriting

We will improve the overall quality of the research paper by refining the language, correcting errors, and ensuring consistency of the overall document. We undergo structure checks, clarity checks, paper formatting, citation editing, and more.

PhD viva process

We will help you to know your thesis inside out. We also let you know the university’s policies & practices. We explain the Viva format, the questions you need to answer, and more. We help you with various questions and we clarify all your doubts regarding your thesis.

PhD Guideship process

We help you in getting PhD guideship. We let you know the complete rules about having PhD guideship process. We explain to you the university rules and guidelines.

What are all the benefits you will get from HIGS?

As we are the best PhD Guidance team in Chennai, we are delivering top-notch services with 100% client satisfaction. Our team of experienced PhD mentors will explain how to get admission for PhD? What are the guidelines for a part-time PhD in Chennai, How to get admission for PhD in Chennai colleges, and much more. We explain the norms, admission details, and entrance exam details of world-reputed universities. If you are looking for admission for PhD at Anna University, IIT, MIT, Or other prestigious universities, HIGS will be there to help you. We stand out from our competitors with plenty of benefits Such as,

  • 365 days of working assistance
  • 🤝︎ Extensive research support for all the subject- areas
  • 📞 Live technical support
  • ✉️ Free technical discussion sessions
  • Qualified writers & editors' team
  • 📃 Bulk order acceptance for companies/universities
  • 💡 Emergency order acceptance for clients
  • Instant price quotes
  • 🏆 Rewriting & editing help
  • 🎁 Frequent offers & discounts


We started this PhD guidance in Chennai by serving the PhD scholars with quality PhD Guidance in Chennai, India to evade all of their anxieties. And, we have been successfully marking up the field with greatness in every professional service we work to step into. All our team members will aim to give you the best service that will give you good grades.

Our General Qualifications

Most of them in our team have a doctorate degree in various disciplines. And all of them have their master's degrees. Here, we have introduced each member of our team with pride!

Business Coordinators

Our business coordinators will provide administrative support. They will be providing and organizing client meetings, discussion sessions, demo sessions, consultation sessions, and more. They are also responsible for responding to client emails, calls, and texts. You can also request price quotes related to your service with them.

Research analysts

Research analysts will examine and validate the accuracy of the research data to make sure that it gives meaningful information. Our research analysts are well-versed in handling mathematical, statistical, and analytical models for collecting research data. Our research analysts possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in the same field.


Our programmers at HIGS have a vast level of experience in JAVA, PYTHON, MATLAB, PYTHON SPYDER, PYTHON ANACONDA, PYTHON PYCHARM, MATLAB SIMULINK, NS2, And more. We have 10+ years of experience across various research areas. Most of our programmers are doctorate degree holding experts.

Document writers

HIGS has writers for proposals, review papers, research papers, and theses. Our writers have a knowledge & understanding of new insights, theories, and methodologies of the latest research fields. Our writer's team has an excellent knowledge of language, and grammar. They are native English-speaking experts with 5 years of experience.

Document editors

Our experienced team of document editors will look over the content flow, grammatical corrections, formatting corrections, spelling mistakes, synonyms, page alignments, and tenses of the document. They also check the guidelines of the document and make sure that all the written materials are accurate and of high quality.

Language polishers

Our team of language polishers will take care of the plagiarism level. They have a high level of experience in working with the Turnitin software and they will work according to the plagiarism report. They reduce the plagiarism percentage as recommended by the journal or your university.

Journal publication team

We are having our journal publication team with 48 experts. Each one knows about the tricks & tips of publishing your paper easily & fastly. Our journal experts have a clear understanding of journal guidelines, rules, time for publication, paper submission details, and furthermore.

Quality analysts

Our quality analyst team has senior researchers from various educational backgrounds. Our quality analysts will check all your documents and other research-related works to make sure whether it has met all the quality standards or not.

Our frequently engaging research areas

We are here with nearly 250+ research experts and they can handle any relative subject areas. HIGS has given some frequently engaging domains such as,

  • Information technology
  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Computer science
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Yoga
  • E-commerce
  • Block chain
  • Business management
  • Physiology and more
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We are the best PhD Guidance in Chennai, we strictly provide high quality service with a smooth & easy workflow. We give you stepwise assistance for our clients.

You can place your order through our website form or through any other mode. 01

Share your requirements with us. We will also share our research implementation ideas. 02

You can confirm us about the required service and we will share the rough draft if needed. 03

You can request us to make necessary corrections after looking over your research work. 04

We will start working on your main work with all the necessary corrections you have requested. 05

You will be having free demo sessions and live explanation sessions through subject-matter experts. 06

We will forward it to the quality checking team to check whether your document has met the highest level of quality or not. 07

We will deliver the work on time. We welcome all your positive & negative feedback. 08

Frequently Asked Questions
1What are all the journal publications you will give to us?

We normally undergo publication assistance such as in SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, IEEE, UGC, Annexure 1& 2, Q1, and more. And if you need assistance in any other publication service under any other journals, then you can connect with us. You can dial +91 6382814563 for an inquiry.

2 Will I be getting my plagiarism report?

Yes. You will. You will get a free plagiarism report from Turnitin plagiarism software.

3Who will write my proposal?

Our team has experienced professional writers to write research proposals with all the norms of the university.

4 What are the details you will ask when I approach you for my research purpose?

Nothing more. While submitting your order itself you will be asked for your name, university, subject, and contact details. Apart from that you will be asked about your subject topics, and other subject-related details if needed.

5 Is there any option to contact my writer's team?

Yes. They are always available to talk with you. For any doubts regarding your written documents, you can contact team HIGS.

HIGS Supports you From the Beginning of the Research to the end of the Research. We Guide you for any Research Disciplines. You can reach us anytime through any mode. You can dial +91 6382814563. And you can Mail us to .