PhD Guidance in Kerala

HIGS offers proficient PhD guidance in Kerala. We provide the best PhD research support, and assistance in Kerala throughout the research period. PhD research scholars from any research domain can hire us for all your doctoral requirements. We guide you right from the beginning of your research to the end. We guide students from part-time/full-time PhD in Kerala.

We will help you in getting admission PhD in kerala university or any reputed university. And we stand with you in Topic selection, Guide selection, Writing process, Editing, Implementation, Publication process, and more. As the best PhD Guidance in Kerala, we are providing an research work for PhD candidates from various educational domains. We have helped over so many students in getting university of kerala phd admission 2023- 2024. So you can connect with us now.


As the best PhD research guidance & PhD assistance in Kerala, we are here with our highly experienced team of experts for various research areas. We have more than 5000 satisfied clients across Kerala, especially in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Cochin, Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, and more. Get in touch with our team by dialing ‘+916382814563’.

What are all the unique qualities we have?

There are some unique qualities we have as the best PhD guidance company in Kerala. We stand with you from the beginning of the research to the end.

We establish your research problem quickly
We have a good communication skill
A deep understanding of your subject area
We work with standardized Turnitin plagiarism software.
Ability to provide high-quality research documents
Ability to work positively towards your research project
Ability to give support for all your research areas.
Our mentors can support you from the beginning stage to the end of your research.

Why HIGS for PhD research Assistance in Kerala?

HIGS is one of the one-stop centers for all your research assistance needs. HIGS always guarantees you by providing writing, editing, implementation, publication, and proofreading assistance & also all sorts of research assistance with the highest quality level.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with more than 5 years of experience in every field they work in. We hold business coordinators, research analysts, writers, editors, proofreaders, language polishers, programmers, quality controllers, and more.


A to Z PhD research guidance offered by HIGS in Kerala

We are your standard research partner that offers end-to-end research guidance from PhD admission to PhD guideship process. You can get comprehensive & fully customized PhD research support. We are here to provide each & every section of your research work. They are,

We are your top-most destination for your research project!

Are you often stuck around by overwhelming thoughts like, “How will I complete my PhD?" Are you getting nearer to your deadline? Don’t worry, HIGS- a professional & the best PhD guidance in Kerala is here to help you. We will stand with you in every stage of your PhD research process. We are here with our exclusive research qualities.

  • Our writing and subject-matter experts are knowledgeable enough who develop a strong PhD thesis and proposals that help students secure good marks.
  • Our research consultants are highly knowledgeable in every research subject they work on.
  • We also have PhD professors in our team for every subject who helps students get the most accurate matter.
  • Each one of your PhD research projects will be carried out in a customized manner. So that there is a solution to every research problem.


What are the benefits you will get once you hire HIGS for your PhD research assistance?

Always HIGS will give uninterrupted & flawless research support to our clients. We provide completely customized research support that is of the highest quality level.

  • We provide well-researched papers & unlimited revision.
  • We provide timely delivery assistance to our clients.
  • We assure you that we use only high-standard plagiarism-checking software (Turnitin) for checking your plagiarism percentage.
  • We make sure that your documents written by HIGS will have only a low plagiarism level.
  • You will be getting around-the-clock assistance for all your services.
  • You can get one-to-one discussion sessions with professional writers.
  • Our quality controllers team will strictly monitor that your document has no copy-pasted content.
  • We also give you more free add-ons and send offers & discounts for our clients.

What are all the free add-ons HIGS can give you?

HIGS will stand with you in developing an excellent research service with the highest quality. We deliver your work that has no flaws in it. We commit to providing 100% quality research support at any stage of your research. We are proud to say that we offer the following services as free add-ons for our clients. They are

Research concept
Topic selection
Base & reference paper
Live support by experts
Technical discussion
Plagiarism report
Journal revision

General workflow of HIGS

Being the pioneer of PhD guidance in Kerala, we offer endless research solutions for our clients across all the research areas. In order to achieve the perfect research project, we follow only the standard workflow for all the research works. They are,

Step 1

Before placing your order, you are requested to read all the promises, and work details from our website. Confirm your order through the the order form that is given on our website.

Step 2

You can connect with the subject-matter expert (or) service experts for a free technical discussion.

Step 3

You can share your requirements, and also you will get some ideas from our team.

Step 4

We start preparing your rough draft with all your requirements.

Step 5

We pass your work to you and give live demo sessions.

Step 6

You can share all the corrections that are to be done in your rough draft.

Step 7

We correct it and we will start doing your main work.

Step 8

Then, your work will be passed to the quality assessment team to make sure that it has met all the quality standards or not.

Step 9

We will then deliver the work to you.

Work rules

Several rules are followed by the professionals from HIGS. Every research work will be provided for our clients to maintain high quality, professionalism, and perfection.
  • We deliver every written document with a free Turnitin plagiarism report Each and every research work will be carried out based on university guidelines.
  • We offer strict quality assessment for every research work.
  • We provide fast & easy journal paper publication We work even during peak hours and deliver your work on time.
  • There won’t be any additional hidden charges. Business coordinators will let you know the complete price details.
  • None of your personal & project-related details will be shared.
  • Everything will be strictly maintained.
  • Every research implementation work will have free live demo sessions based on your time.

We provide PhD guidance & consultation services in Kerala for our clients across the globe!

We Guide you in,

  • Creating innovative ideas for analysis
  • Narrating your research priorities
  • Formulating a suitable research design
  • Collecting the required data
  • Preparing appropriate questionaries
  • And using analytical methods

What are all the subject areas we cover?

We are teamed up with more than 250 research experts from various research disciplines. We cover a maximum of all the research areas with various topics. To find the best research topic, you can explore more than 1000 topics from here. If you want to get the entire list of research topics, then you can just let us know about your domain.

92% of clients came from friends of reference! We build trust!

Our team of expert writers at HIGS specializes in diverse subject areas. We excel in creating impeccable research papers and theses that align with both university standards and journal guidelines. You can trust us to enhance your Ph.D. research, ensuring it meets the highest standards and aligns seamlessly with your work. Our subject matter experts are ready to address any doubts you may have.

Start a Free Technical Discussion with our Experts.

Generally, we cover research fields such as Engineering, Technology, Arts, Management, Marketing, Business, Commerce, Medicine, Life Science, Law, and more. Here, we have given some of the Important Research Fields for your Reference. They are,

Now, PhD in Engineering is one of the most prestigious degrees. Through this degree, you can get wide professional recognition. You will get a wide career path to develop all your research skills. Here, we have mentioned some of our common & most contemporary research topics in the Engineering domain. They are,

Sustainable energy & machinery

Artificial intelligence

Conventional Robotics

Digital transformation

Hydraulic Engineering

And the effects of emission regulations


PhD in Arts equips students with a range of highly sought-after skills and abilities such as analysis of complex materials, communication in written & oral modes, collaboration, independence, creativity, and adaptability. It also develops a wide range of career opportunities. There are several research topics available in the field of Arts. Here, we have given some of our frequent research topics for your reference. They are,

Concerning cultural stereotypes of women.

American Culture: Its roots in Racism

American Revolution facts

American Civil War

Significance of French Revolution

Ancient Greek Philosophy


PhD in Management studies not only helps you in research & academics but also for various other purposes. You can set your career as a business development specialist, management consultant, and more. Here are some of the recent management research topics. They are,

Supply chain risk management


Management of Technology

Organizational behavior

Corporate governance

Strategic Management


There are a huge range of career prospects available for you after the successful completion of PhD in Medical Science. You can set your career in Academic/teaching positions at universities or colleges. Research and development jobs in government laboratories, health centers, or pharmaceutical companies. Here, we’ve listed several research topics in Medicine. They are

Healthcare inequalities

Cancer treatment options

Sleep disorders

Child Healthcare

Effects of abortion



Many PhD graduates in Life science opt for a career-wide range of fields such as professors, researchers, or postdoctoral fellows. Here, we have listed several research topics in Life science for your reference. They are,

Endangered species recovery

Climatic change

Cancer Biology



Immune System Development


Our Guarantees

As the best PhD Guidance in Kerala, you will be getting the following promises from our end. They are,

  • workspace_premium A complete research consultation
  • workspace_premium Step-by-step research guidance
  • workspace_premium Reliable & the best data collection techniques
  • workspace_premium High-level quality data analysis
  • workspace_premium 100% quality output
  • workspace_premium 100% confidentiality
  • workspace_premium Time consciousness
  • workspace_premium 100% originality

Reach Us Anytime, Anywhere

You can reach us for all kinds of PhD research Assistance in Kerala! We provide our end-to-end research assistance for all your research needs. You can reach our business coordinators, writers, editors, proofreaders, journal experts, thesis writers, general consultants, and programmers anytime to get better assistance. Now dial ‘+916382814563’ or drop mail at .


1Can I approach you for my entire PhD research process?

Yes. You can. You can submit your entire work process with us. We will help you from the beginning of your research to the end.

2 What plagiarism tool you are using for plagiarism checking?

We are using standardized tools such as TURNITIN to check your plagiarism level.

3When can I receive my rough draft once after submitting my work to you?

Time confirmations will be given once after accessing your research topics. Because each project has unique work methodologies. So it is better to contact our team to know more.

4 Will you help me in selecting my research topic?

Yes. We will. We are here with more than 5000 research topics. You can share your domain name with us and we let you know the interesting research topics.

5 Can I get price details for plagiarism checking?

Yes, You can. But without knowing the project details and its available plagiarism percentage, we are unable to calculate the price. You can contact our team to get the price quotes.

We might miss out on some of your important questions. To clarify your doubt, you can dial 6382814563 & Whatsapp us at +918681018401.