PhD Guidance In Mumbai

HIGS offers the best PhD guidance in Mumbai, providing top-notch assistance across various domains. We offer the best research guidance at every stage of a client’s PhD research. HIGS has been a first-class PhD consultancy and PhD service provider for the past 10 years, having served more than 2500 PhDs. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we provide tailored and reliable PhD services that blend quality and affordability. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive research support at every stage of your research journey, whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end stage of your PhD course. As a leading PhD firm, we offer comprehensive assistance and guidance in Mumbai. HIGS is dedicated to providing personalised and the best research solutions for each client based on their needs. We at HIGS assist you in acquiring information on PhD in India and universities offering PhD programs in Mumbai, processes for PhD admission 2024, the procedures involved in pursuing a PhD at Mumbai University, options for part-time and full-time PhD programs in Mumbai, PhD course durations, and much more. Our research and technology provide PhD guidance in Mumbai with practical survival of the ideas. You can speed up your PhD journey with the help of experts. We are here to help you with all your PhD-related concerns through our PhD guidance and assistance service.


PhD Candidates can connect with our expert PhD consultants to discuss any doubts or questions regarding your doctoral research, journal publications and our services.

We are the best PhD thesis and research assistant in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our PhD services include overall PhD guidance and PhD assistance and support to candidates from various parts of the world. We provide professional research writing services, thesis help, review paper writing, conference paper writing, research proposal writing, research methodology help, synopsis writing, coding implementation, editing, proofreading, plagiarism check, journal publication service and the best PhD guidance in Mumbai.

The Range Of PhD Services We Offer,

PhD Admission

Getting into a desired university is the dream of most scholars. We help the PhD aspirants to successfully get admission into top universities in India and abroad.

University Registration

We guide you or can assist you in the process of University Registration to make it hassle-free. You can trust us to complete the whole process of PhD registration.

PhD Topic Selection

Our team of PhD experts can assist you in selecting a perfect topic for your PhD research based on your research domains that also align with your interests.

Guide Selection

We refer to guides on your same research domain. Our dedicated service helps scholars make informed choices, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling PhD journey.

Review Paper Writing

HIGS possesses 100+ talented review paper writers to write your review papers. We can guide you on how to write a review paper and can explain about review paper writing.

Conference Paper Writing

The HIGS team provides In-class conference paper writing services for your research across any domain. The conference papers we provide are of high quality and are cost-effective.

Research Proposal Writing

Creating a strong research proposal is the first crucial step for a PhD program. Our skilled writers gather extensive knowledge about your research area to create and ensure a compelling research proposal.

Research Design

We specialise in crafting robust research designs tailored to your unique study objectives. Our experienced team ensures meticulous planning, laying a solid foundation for your research endeavours.

Research Implementation

To implement your research findings in Java, Python, Matlab, and Simulink, you can access the HIGS implementation service. We assist in implementing your research with customisation.

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Our team of expert writers at HIGS specializes in diverse subject areas. We excel in creating impeccable research papers and theses that align with both university standards and journal guidelines. You can trust us to enhance your Ph.D. research, ensuring it meets the highest standards and aligns seamlessly with your work. Our subject matter experts are ready to address any doubts you may have.

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Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper is very important and we will provide the best service in writing your research paper. We ensure that your paper aligns with the Journal and your university guidelines.

Research Paper Editing

We refine the written research papers precisely to ensure no grammatical mistakes or any other minute errors in the document. Our professional editors and proofreaders ensure the perfection of the work.

Literature Review writing

A literature review is the foundation of the research study. Our team of literature review writers across various domains provides the best literature review writing service with plagiarism-free content.

Journal Publication

We publish research papers in all reputed journals in both free and paid journal publishing categories. We manage the whole research paper publication process effectively, until successful publication.

Journal Revision

If your research paper was subjected to journal revision, we can handle it. Our team do major revisions, intermediate revisions and minor revisions and we resubmit your paper to the journal.

Synopsis Writing

The Synopsis Writing Service we offer is about shaping futures and enabling aspiring PhD scholars to effectively and eloquently communicate their research visions, precisely, and accurately.

Synopsis Editing

Our Synopsis editing focuses on reframing the words, forming sentences, and correcting grammatical errors. We offer expert synopsis editing and proofreading services.

Thesis Writing

The thesis is one of the most important concepts in a PhD and focuses your ideas for the paper. Our Thesis writers are experts in writing a first-class thesis in any domain.

Thesis Editing

We provide high-quality thesis editing services & academic proofreading by expert PhD thesis editors to ensure the consistency and quality of your thesis.

Proofreading and Editing

Our Editing service involves major changes in content, structure, and language, while our Proofreading service checks for minor errors in spelling, punctuation, and format.

PhD Viva Process

We help PhD students in their viva exam preparation to defend their thesis and showcase their knowledge to a panel of academic experts.

Guideship Process

A PhD-holders should be Research Guides. We facilitate required arrangements, apply for their guideship and guide the scholars throughout the guideship process.

Our PhD Services In Mumbai

Our range of services caters to PhD scholars from diverse universities in Mumbai, encompassing crucial aspects such as PhD topic selection, admission processes, development of research proposals, thesis and research paper writing, review paper composition, editing and proofreading assistance, journal publication support, research implementation guidance, thesis submission, viva preparation, and overarching mentorship throughout the entire PhD research journey.


We take pride in providing our support service to clients in various areas in Mumbai. They are

  • Andheri
  • Bandra
  • Colaba
  • Dadar
  • Goregaon
  • Kandivali
  • Malad
  • Powai
  • Vile Parle
  • and more.

PhD Research Implementation Services

Our team is composed of proficient programming experts who excel in delivering tailor-made implementation services to meet the distinct requirements of each client. Recognising the uniqueness of every research project, our planning and implementation approach reflects a dedication to providing solutions that seamlessly align with your objectives. For implementation in the following programming languages, you can reach us.


If your research involves mathematical modelling, data analysis, or algorithm development, our MATLAB experts are equipped to assist you at every step. From code optimization to ensuring accuracy, our team ensures your MATLAB implementation aligns with the highest standards.


For projects requiring Java programming, our experts provide comprehensive support in application development, debugging, and optimization. We ensure that your Java implementation is efficient, scalable, and meets the desired project objectives.


With expertise in Python programming, our team supports projects involving data analysis, machine learning, and more. We assist you in coding practices, library utilisation, and optimising Python scripts for efficient implementation.


Spyder is a powerful scientific environment written in Python and our team assists in this application and execution of the project. Spyder provides comprehensive tools for advanced data analysis, visualization, and scientific development.


We help scholars to implement their research using the Matlab Simulink application. This tool allows any user to quickly and simply create virtual prototypes for exploring diversified design concepts at any degree of detail with minimum effort.


If your research involves system-level modelling and simulation, our SIMULINK experts offer guidance in creating dynamic models and simulations. We assist in parameter tuning, model validation, and ensuring the accuracy of your simulations.

HIGS: Serving For PhD across Various Research Domains

HIGS offers the best PhD services covering various disciplines. With a decade of dedicated service, HIGS comprises a team of seasoned professional writers committed to delivering exceptional research paper writing services. Our extensive experience equips us to meet intricate requirements, providing students with tailored academic papers across various complexity levels. Here’s a list of research domains which we served.

  • 01. Business and Management
  • 02.Marketing and Advertising
  • 03.Finance and Accounting
  • 04.Economics
  • 05.Geology
  • 06.Human Resources
  • 07.Entrepreneurship
  • 08.Operations Management
  • 09.Supply Chain Management
  • 10.International Business
  • 11.Information Technology
  • 12.Computer Science
  • 13.Software Engineering
  • 14.Data Science
  • 15.Artificial Intelligence
  • 16.Machine Learning
  • 17. Cybersecurity
  • 18.Network Engineering
  • 19.Web Development
  • 20.Graphic Design
  • 21.Multimedia and Animation
  • 22.Architecture
  • 23.Civil Engineering
  • 24. Mechanical Engineering
  • 25. Electrical Engineering
  • 26. Chemical Engineering
  • 27. Aerospace Engineering
  • 28. Industrial Engineering
  • 29. Environmental Engineering
  • 30. Biomedical Engineering
  • 31. Materials Engineering
  • 32. Petroleum Engineering
  • 33. Structural Engineering
  • 34. Automotive Engineering
  • 35. Robotics Engineering
  • 36. Systems Engineering
  • 37. Physics
  • 38.Chemistry
  • 39.Biology
  • 40.Biochemistry
  • 41.Genetics
  • 42.Biotechnology
  • 43. Medicine
  • 43. Pharmacy
  • 45. Nursing
  • 46. Psychology
  • 47. Sociology
  • 48. Anthropology
  • 49. History
  • 50. Political Science
  • 51. International Relations
  • 52. Law
  • 53. Education
  • 54. Linguistics
  • 55. Literature
  • 56. Philosophy
  • 57. Arts and Design
  • 58. Film and Television
  • 59. Performing Arts
  • 60. Sports Science and More.

The following are our complementary services for every research paper and thesis writing project:

  • Free Plagiarism Report
  • Free Technical Discussion
  • Free Formatting
  • Free Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Cover Page
  • Free Title Page
  • Free Reference Page
  • Free Demo Sessions

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Best And Fast Journal Publication Of Research Papers

Our team takes full responsibility for getting your research paper published in the best-suited domain journal. We review your work for publication eligibility, ensuring it meets the journal's standards and guidelines. If needed, with your permission, we enhance the quality of your paper through rewriting or corrections in sections that require improvement. Our Domain Experts check for quality in the content and ensure that the paper meets the highest standards. Utilising the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, we detect and rectify any plagiarism, providing you with plagiarism-free work. Choosing the right journal based on your research, we submit the paper and manage the peer-review process, responding to editorial comments. Here is a list of reputed journals in which we publish papers.

Why is HIGS the best Choice for PhD assistance and guidance?


Expert Writers

Our team of skilled writers are professionals and dedicated artisans in enhancing the value of your research paper. With expertise and unwavering commitment, they ensure the utmost quality and impact of your scholarly work.


Timely Delivery

We are committed to delivering your work on time, ensuring you meet your research milestones without delays. Our reliable and timely delivery ensures that you can meet deadlines without compromising the quality of your research.


Ease of Access

We prioritize accessibility, ensuring that our services are easily available to clients worldwide. Our user-friendly approach makes it convenient for clients to seek PhD assistance and guidance at any stage of their research journey.


Comprehensive Services

HIGS provides comprehensive services covering crucial aspects of your PhD, including topic selection, proposal development, thesis writing, and publication support. Our commitment is to address every aspect of your research needs.

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Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. HIGS ensures a client-centric approach to providing customised services based on their requirements and offering unlimited free revisions until you are fully satisfied with our services.



We believe in providing high-quality services at reasonable rates. HIGS offers flexible and affordable pricing, making our PhD assistance and guidance accessible for everyone without compromising on the quality of our services.


Quality Assurance

Quality is at the forefront of our PhD research assisting services. We maintain the highest standards in writing, ensuring that your work is free from plagiarism and linguistic errors. We ensure high-quality work to elevate your research.


Confidentiality and Trust

We maintain a strict privacy policy and prioritise the confidentiality of every client's details and research project. As a client, you can trust us to protect your information and provide a secure collaboration environment.

Whether you need quality and reliable assistance in the initial, final, or intermediate stage of your PhD research journey, HIGS is the best choice. We offer the best customised research help to meet the challenges you face in your PhD endeavours. We provide both comprehensive research help and assistance for particular sections in your research.

Our WorkFlow

Step 1: Order Placement

Initiate the process by submitting your order and sharing your project requirements.

Step 2: Expert Consultation

Engage in a technical discussion with our subject matter experts to exchange ideas and gather insights.

Step 3: Outline Development

We commence outlining your work and seek your approval before proceeding.

Step 4: Draft Preparation

Start the preparation of the rough draft for your project.

Step 5: Feedback and Revision

Receive feedback and make necessary corrections based on your requirements.

Step 6: Main Work Commencement

With your feedback incorporated, we initiate the main work of your project.

Step 7: Quality Assessment

Our quality assessment team ensures the final work meets the highest standards upon completion.

Step 8: Timely Delivery

We deliver the perfectly completed work to you within the agreed-upon timeframe.


1. Can HIGS assist in navigating challenges during the PhD journey?
Yes, HIGS offers mentoring and support services to help individuals overcome academic and research challenges, ensuring a more successful and fulfilling PhD experience.
2. Is my information secure with HIGS?
Absolutely. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your information. Our working systems and processes are designed to ensure the utmost privacy and data protection.
3. What role does HIGS play in the peer-review process?
We manage the peer-review process on your behalf. Our team responds to editorial comments, ensuring a smooth and efficient review process for your submitted paper.
4. What support does HIGS provide in developing a strong research proposal?
We offer guidance in crafting a robust research proposal, helping to define research questions, objectives, methodology, and overall project significance.
5. How does HIGS cater to the needs of international PhD candidates?
Yes. HIGS is committed to providing comprehensive support for international PhD candidates, recognizing the unique challenges they may face. Our specialized assistance encompasses various aspects to ensure a seamless integration into the academic environment.
We Offer Comprehensive Support Throughout Every Stage of PhD Research in India. Our Services Include Thesis Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Research Implementation, and more. For Assistance or Inquiries, Please Reach out to Us Via Email at, Call us at +916382814563, or Message us on WhatsApp at +918681018401.